The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is currently developing new policies to encourage investments and the diversification of dependence on multiple sources of energy in light of urban and economic development.

TGS was established in October 2018 as an extension of the Arab Gas Pipeline Operation and Maintenance Project that had been established in 2003, which supplies the Kingdom with sufficient quantities of natural gas starting from the Aqaba Compressor Station in the south to the metering station at the Jordanian-Syrian border in the north. The company carries out operations (monitoring and control) and maintenance through a group of experienced engineers and technicians, not only in the field of natural gas and its facilities but also in oil and energy activities and their related state-of-art control devices and programs.

The company has prioritized establishing a base of Jordanian technical cadres through an integrated system of management, safety and occupational health, environmental protection, and quality (HSEQ) enhancing skills to provide expertise and competencies that satisfy our clients' needs locally and regionally.

Your valuable communication - through this website- is always the best motivation for us to further progress, and be assured that your comments and inquiries – via e-mail or website- are considered with the utmost importance.

Furthermore, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the members of Board of Directors and all the company staff for their unremitting efforts in fulfilling their duties.

Wishing you all success.


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Eng. Hesham Radwan